Friday, June 25, 2010

Worth Mentioning: IceWarp Server v10.1


For those of you that are now running IceWarp Server V10, and update has been released to V10.1. At the bottom of this post a link to the entire 10.1 features update document is provided. It really is worth a read, so please take a look, download, and enjoy!

A few highlights worth mentioning here:

1. Global Address List – No longer requires Groupware license. The global address list will be available to all users even if the Groupware license is not purchased.

2. Support for Embedded Images - The ability to embed images into messages composed within the WebClient is now possible.

3. Additional Browser Support – Full support for Google Chrome and Opera browsers.

4. Full ActiveSync Support – ActiveSync is now supported for any device with ActiveSync compatibility. (Windows Mobile 5.0-6.5, iPhone, Android, Nokia, and all others.

5. Kaspersky Anti-Virus – There is now full support for Kaspersky anti-virus and customers will be able to choose between the Avast or Kaspersky AV engine when purchasing.

6. Google maps integration – You now can have instant address look up and mapping right from the email.

Here is a link to a What's New in 10.1 document.